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Grief And Loss Counseling

The death of a loved one can be the most stressful event in a person's life. A wide array of emotions can be experienced, such as sadness, confusion, anger, anxiety, guilt, and feelings of despair. Changes in sleep patterns and appetite can occur, as well as physical illness. These are all normal parts of grieving and the feelings can ebb and flow over time.

grief and lossThere is no "right way" and "wrong way" to grieve. Each person experiences grief in his or her own way; partly based on religious, cultural, social, and personal beliefs and partly because of the relationship with the person who died.

Our therapists are sensitive to cultural, spiritual, and personal beliefs regarding death. We do not teach our clients how to grieve - but we able to help them what they are experiencing in their grief. Often when a person experiences a loss, they find that others avoid them due to an awkwardness that sometimes accompanies the loss for what to say or how to comfort the bereaved. We believe that the greatest gift that you can give someone who is grieving is to simply be present and to offer empathy. Our caring therapists are available for that support as well as clinical guidance to navigate this difficult time in one's life.

It is important to realize that grief results from not only from a loss created by the death of someone close to us, but can also result from other significant losses. For example, a person might grieve the loss of their marriage after a divorce, or the loss of a job which was central in their life. At New Perpective Counseling Services, we are here to help you navigate through the difficult journey of grief - regardless of the source.


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